“The Retaliation and Experimentation Man”

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Hello! It is 2-20-18 and this is in addtion to the post below.

On 7-18-86, I had a request from “Kings Manor” for a stereo instalation for a truck.

I did not own tools at the time, so I borrowed some from my roomates son, Billy, who would only loan me the tools if he could come along.

Nonetheless, during the install, the customer put rock cocaine in Billy’s top shirt pocket, and Billy, who went to a “special school” up in Altadena, and was a step above “Jerry’s Kids.”

The customer walked away, and soon enough, a big cop came by and took Billy to jail as he scoped out the entire thing.

I had spoken to Qualls who was in charge of the investigation, and informed him that Billy’s mother was holding me responsible, and I felt pretty bad about the entire matter.

I had asked Qualls to allow Billy to go free, as his mental handicap would prevent him from understanding this crack business, and Billy was released.

At the time, Qualls was to me beyound intergrity, a diamond in the rough of corruption that boasted way more coal than glitter.

In 2001, Deputy Stewart, of Altadena Sheriff, found out about this Billy relase business, when Deputy Gabriel knew about it when it had happened, as Billy’s mother had called the Sheriffs looking for her son.

Qualls blamed me for informing Stewart, obviously having feelings of betryal and other horrible emotions- and it is this reason I am on his naughty list.

I know you are telling me that Qualls is good as gold and that I’m some dishonest homeless guy and for good reason.

In April of 2010, I had gone into a El Pollo loco chicken place for lunch around 11:15 AM.

When I stood in line, there was Qualls, in a white shirt and gray slacks.

He recognized me, and stood away quickly, and I ignored him. I ordered my meal, and went to sit down at the north window next to the soda fountains.

I got my food, and was eating it when Qualls knocked his knuckles on my table. I ignored him, as I knew his people and his influence was the reason I was made to suffer being a targeted individual.

I ignored him, and continued to eat.

He made some remark that sounded slightly with a racial ring, and then he said: “We are gonna do some more experiments on you boy.” 

Standing next to him was a short haired brunette around thirty is, and she had a worn Pasadena PD golf shirt and looked at me with that stupid gang stalker grimace.

“I’m not your “boy.” I said to him, and I do not remember what was said afterward, as I know it is logged someplace in this blog.

For your information, “experiments” are simply use of  “The Trainer” which is what Lt. Harshman demonstrated to me back in 2003 on Foothill where I had a contract to watch a property, which is included on the post.

There are many variables to “The Trainer” an electronic weapon that can really scramble your mind and drive you to anger, which is what Quall’s civilian “police” do- in unmarked personal cars, and work for undetected pay.

As far as most recent, in 2014, Qualls wife brought a sewing machine to Tanners’ Sewing and Vaccuum in San Gabriel, and delivered it in a Corvette Stingray.

I had wrote down the plates- knowing that Qualls was simply trying to be a nice guy with the sewing machine repair that did not go in my pocket anyway, but probably because he had a conscience for the torture with “the experiments” which I nor any of the other targeted individuals could ever prove.

When I tried to move to Oregon at the beginning of last year, I saw the same Corvette north of Fresno at a burger joint, obviouusly been following me since I left Oregon, and sadly, the plates did appear the same.


Qualls had numerous vehicles at his command, the most widely used was a grey colored Chrysler 300, which Katie Roth tried to terrorize me with on Azusa and Gladstone, in 2010, where she almost caused an accident.

What in blazes did this man want with me?

Was it his career? Was it “Free training subject” was it Janet Pope “there he goes with our secrets” why doesn’t he and his civilians kill me already and be done with it.

Because he does not want to do it. He is hoping you’ll do it to yourself.

In September of 2017, Qualls’ people invaded a Dentists’ office in South El Monte where I had worked a few days before the gang stalkers told Carmen, the office manger “he has trouble with young girls, and when young girls are around, we get involved. Call us.”

Of course, Carmen would not share who was these people, but she sure embarassed me in front of the entire staff with the accusation, and I had not worked there since.

It also let to my being released to my living arrangement- as the owner wanted monetary compensation instead of work on his property.

Again, this so called “program” is only a hate crime, and to retaliate for cop complaints and give cops “heads up” if someone complains about them well before the envelope hits the mailbox. 




Last evening, I was “treated” to four disturbances, including some fireworks launched uncomfortably nearby (two of ’em) and the gang stalkers taunted: “he’s going to take the site down! Let’s disturb him anyway.”

No- I don’t plan on taking down ihatemindcontrol.com yet, because if I do, (after my death) any investigators that might be interested would not have my side of the story, so it remains, only to be taken down if the harassers decide to stop harassing, but these criminals are hell bent on ruining someones life, based solely on “retaliation for cop complaints” and this is the theme for this post.

In our last post, I tried to emphasize how this electroic harassment began, and it’s players.

Now, I wish to focus on some 2001-03 events, and some of the main people, because I tell the truth and any journalist is trained to do so, and not lie like a bunch of fools that make smokes and gas money, department store gift cards, or just wanna jump on the police power trip band wagon, and feel like they too, have “power.”

Excuse me while I vomit.

Bear in mind before I continue, everything has a beginning, and most victims of this electronic harassment only have the life they had before it began, and like any other sane individual, reflect on how it starts and what they could have done to prevent it.

During a conference call with Captain Steve Abernathy of Sierra Madre Police, and another phoney man who impersonated the cheif of police, who at the time was Bernard Melekian of Pasadena Police, and I were arguing over several matters.

First, the impersonator, a white haired man who wears wire rimmed glasses and drives unmarked police cars, accused me of throwing bottles of wine at his parking enforcement cars.

I did not throw bottles of wine at his cars and I do not buy or drink wine. I hate the stuff.

He accused me of spreading AIDS and HIV in the community, which I also denied and it appeared the man was not only a phoney but just a creep that ruins people, especially the fact he was in charge of the crumbs that stalk and harass people with this technology of his.

I countered and asked him why he did not let a Mexican couple go that was pulled over and towed right on the border of Pasadena and San Gabriel, as I remember him smiling with the tow truck and all the Mexican’s worldly posessions were on the sidewalk, as they had a little baby and walked away.

“I was withen full extent of the law,” he yelled.

“Yeah, I know,” I said, knowing the man hated less fortunate people, and his very program was to promote businesses in the commuity by “cutting down” on homeless people by scaring them away with his technology and  civilian harassment groups, which carried exclusive police protection.

Nonetheless, when I could afford it, I took the HIV screening test that the X Rated movie stars take in order for them to work in the Adult Motion Picture Industry.

I took the test results, which were negative to City Hall because Lt. Darrel Qualls would do nothing about it and accused me of ruining “carrers” of cops, which I was only trying to defend myself.

Here’s a copy of that very test.






Looks kinda official, don’t it?

What I purely remember is this very “impersonator” used to date the better looking prostitutes on Colorado Blvd. and I knew some of them when they would come into the Denny’s retaurant.

One of the ladies and her girlfriend, told me the “impersonator” back then, was “The Mafia” and I wondered how a cop could wear two hats such as that.

One of the women had since died, and the other had a son which this very cop made sure he was just as ruined and destroyed as he did to me, using young women who were peniless help make a sex offender out of him.

Even most recently, when I complained about an incident that occured at County General, when an orderly deliberately wheeled me into the Jail department after an MRI exam, and I complained to the administrator, the “impersonator” stood at her office door and whined and moaned about how what a bad person I was, and that I “write things on the internet about him and his groups.

The administrator, Cilia, countered: “this is a hospital. It is not a playground for your personal revenge.” 

To this day, all of my privacy is repeated the evening following an office visit, as the “impersonators” gang stalking group repeats results of tests, things that were spoken, anything to make the victim, (myself) know he’s being watched. 

I had numerous meeting with Darrel Qualls of Pasadena Police, in regards to the tresspassing on a property I was contracted to watch numerous times by the owner, which had eventually because a productive location for ENTERPRISE RENT A CAR.

Here is a copy of that very contract:


I had told Roth, as well as the officers telling her as well, to join the military. She had a bachelor’s degree. Numerous times we pleaded with her before she became too old. 

Roth quit the gang stalking biz and maybe police work- and I never heard from her again. 

My point is that the impersonator does not keep his word with these people, and uses them, paying them in an undetected manner, lives a life of fear, as he runs away whenever he comes into close range.

What my best memory was the last time I visited his office, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into his workspace.

Qualls had asked me to get the name and address of Roth, and he would look into the stalking stuff.

I was not going to go about chasing Roth- so I called an agency, called “Nightstar Investigations” to find out, and report to Qualls, and not me, of the findings, so that there would not be any misunderstandings of who was stalking who.

Instead, I was joined by Officer Shipman and Hsani Gough, and Gough stayed in Qualls office while he downpanned the truth I had told him, and threatened me if I were to ever harm Roth.

Roth’s mouth grew threw the years, blocking me from employment by claiming “he’s a violent sex offender” and also after I went to the Pasadena Star News claiming that this so called “Hope Not Handcuffs” was not really a homeless outreach program, but more of an abatement proceeding.

How? Let me explain.

Victim is interviewed by Shipman/Gough.

Victim is then turned over to “handlers” which is a group that is “paid” to watch victim.

This group has been “watching” me, invading my privacy- as I had mentioned, monitoring my bank account, preventing me from finding work, and obviously tearing my health to pieces by disturbing me on an average of 4 times a night.

Let me share one thing with you kiddies.

This is not being done because I’m the bad guy. It’s being done to retaliate for “ruing their carrers.”

To the Gang Stalkers and their bosses: this post is not done yet. Again, your actions are due to retaliate for ruining your careers or ruin your jobs.

Your jobs involved what you have done to me, and should be disbanded. You are a benefit to nobody including yourselves.

You mentioned this site will come down.

It will come down after you completely stop, which you never will, so consider it permanent.

You thought that I would be an easy pushover like your other victims, who have attempted to slice their wrists.

Apart from sucking down a few beers now and then your hopes have been futile.

I am not an average homeless guy- I am a journalist who does not lie and you created me yourself, as I was a mere sportswriter- and not a very good one at that.

You can get an attorney for libel if you want, or you can improve the aim of the fireworks you lit off so dangerously close to my quarters.

I’m only saying this because your people said they did- I don’t think they did as the demographics are below standard in the barrio.

Citizens complain about you when you lie and profile them, and it is against the law for you to retaliate against a citizen after an issue such as the HIV complaint when your officer/contractor lied about.

That is when you ruin people, and law enforcement should not be immune and point fingers at the innocent.

Citizens are not to be used as “free training subjects” as your Katie Roth claimed, and just because the victim can’t prove it, does not mean the victim has to lie down and die to your objectives.

And any man, or leader, who must tender to using the hateful technology because he or she feels revenge is nessesary, is not law enforcement, but a coward, and someone who should not have a badge in the first place.


–Your Little Danny Boy


Male gang stalker- you said I was “afraid” I am not afraid. I just was hoping this can be resolved. But-you want to have fun.

Here is a good rendition of you and your “partner.”

Our careers!

Don’t forget to throw rocks at my guard shack like you did last night, punks!