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Greetings I hate mind controllers!

I had written a post in regards to the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena, where they’re front desk staff acquired a”contract” that had paved way to my becoming a “targeted individual” and have been stalked by Pasadena Police’s Civilian based “anti terrorist” program, otherwise known as “Community Service” and their various civilian leaders still wave a contract around that they claim I coherently signed, giving them exclusive permission to violate my privacy, ruin hours of sleep and discourage and badmouth me to most businesses I need to survive, including L.A. Fitness, and any restaurants that I visit.

Here is  a copy of the email sent back to me:

JUL 24, 2017  |  10:30AM PDT

Hi Danny,

We wanted to let you know that we’ve removed your review of Rose Bowl Aquatics Center because of privacy concerns.

Please visit our Content Guidelines ( for more information. We hope you’ll help us keep Yelp fun and useful for everyone!

Removed Content:
Holy Edward Snowden-

Do not believe ANY of these front desk people, especially when they promise you “free swimming” if you sign a contract.

In Oct. 2000, a young lady named Grace handed me a contract, saying if I signed it, I would be given free swimming at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.

However, after I signed the paper, their then security director, Yari Coll- threw me out of the pool and stalked me with a video camera for years, and profiled me as a violent criminal.

Pasadena Police and County Sheriff “Community Service Civilians” creeps who work for Wal-Mart gift cards and “smokes n gas money” have stalked and followed me to this day, still waving the contract that Grace the receptionist gave me for the free swim.

Even Judith Hicks, who ran the Aquatic Center back then TOLD Jari Coll to “burn all those contracts” and I am urging ANYONE who is a patron of this place not to sign ANYTHING with these people as THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

There are many people I have heard of complaining of the same thing, as Grace and Coll would get a good chunk of change for these “contracts.”

If I were you, I’d go to L.A. Fitness to swim or take your kids to WATER WORKS SWIM SCHOOL over on Foothill before I’d give these criminals a RED CENT.

Be wary of who you trust! It’s your call- swim yeah, sign papers, NO!!

The Yelp Support Team
San Francisco, California

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For your reference, this is Case #: 5927486


What is interesting is many people have written about various businesses giving out names and places on both as well as and they continue to stand. I had noticed names of various police and deputies mentioned on and the complaints on the site are still there- how can a “privacy concern” come to light in this case?

Money. Pay ’em off. 

It’s also funny how people who pass out these “contracts” stand pat and make more money- and I was even told the gang stalkers were given more funding to come after me by the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center- which they did try harder, throwing flashlights at my trailer, trying to influence neighbors (and failing!)

They stalked me to a Starbucks in Monrovia and sent one of their people, a African American woman with a considerable overbite (I don’t know what to call the stalkers anymore) who tried to “psyche eval” me and told me “you don’t care about yourself” which is the favorite “opening line” of what these people say to their victims.

What threw them off was initially this woman tried to get my attention and said: “She was a healer, and that “Monrovia was a city  of healing.”

Oh, horse feathers!

Next, another black gentleman approached on a ten-speed bike, and the lady motioned for him to leave, (motioned!)

Then, a white van, which I had seen many times before (from Pasadena to Mt. Baldy- and beyond) and never at this Starbucks, pulled up, it was being driven by a black woman, and she smiled at me suspiciously and just stayed in the driver seat.

The “young lady with the overbite” tried to get me to admit I had a problem, and asked me to write it down (suspicious) and told me: “You don’t care about yourself”and tried to start an argument in regards to “her opinion.”

Right away, I sniffed out a Pasadena Police “HOPE NOT  HANDCUFFS” (program) type handler/perp, and I told her, “you work for the police- that is their common questionnaire” and excused myself shortly thereafter.

The next day,  the same young lady approached me again, still desperate for some attachment so I could be her “bacon boy.”

BACON BOY DEFINED: a “free” training subject for the handler, as well as a “host” for “making money” for the handler, as they will earn Wal-Mart gift cards, cigarettes, a six pack, or some ridiculous method of payment that is untraceable. 

It also includes SWAT weapons testing against the subject, where police or other corporate or government weapons testing will be against the handler if exposed, and NOT against the government agency or corporation- police inform these “handlers” if the “subject kicks the shit out of you, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE.”

I told her: “I still think you work for the police” and she said, “you do not want to help this relationship.”

Even if she was attractive, I was not going to spend my beer money on this bullshitter.

“You don’t care about yourself.”

This is their excuse of following you, which, in reality, the “psyche eval” person is trying to become paid as a handler, and it starts with an interview, just like Hsani Gough did with the “HOPE NOT HANDCUFFS” team in 2003, which led to losing my job.

So you see, most of you Targeted Individuals did nothing wrong in the first place, these people are paid to do this, and many of your “handlers” are struggling mothers with kids and really don’t give a damn about you when they can buy clothes for their children and help offset child care costs…at the T.I.’s expense. 

Once I found this out, I stopped struggling to tell the authorities about these people – T.I.s are targeted because they become a “meal ticket” for their handlers and the victim’s life is sucked out of them like a dozen lampreys attach themselves to the sides of a shark or other fish.

Oh, and it is true that your medical clinic, especially if you are part of a County of Los Angeles or State clinic, is in on this as well.

One horrible day I had one dominant feminist nurse cuss me out at the El Monte Comprehensive Medical Center because I would not sign some paper that said I would not be treated outside of Los Angeles County- especially after the receptionist told me I could not be seen without it.

I had signed this very paper at least five times throughout the year. 

I had another young man who was initial contact at this same clinic trying to “psyche eval” me when I told him I would like to study Buddhism with the “Tree People” in Thailand.

Lucky for me, Dr. Wong (my primary M.D.) was a Buddhist himself, and he scolded the young intern for anyone wanting to study overseas for something he or she could not learn in this country- especially after the young man tried to indicate I needed some form of “intervention.”

No- it’s all about money- and how they can use you to make their ends meet.

I can remember going to a restaurant  called: “The Slaw Dogs” in Duarte recently.

The waitress said: “Oh, “we” have spotted you everywhere” and “that she knew me” and made me quickly understand that this was a place I would only visit once.

That’s another thing! Be very concerned about people who use the word, “we.” 

Then, the creepy place charged me a whopping $15.00 for a “combo plate” which included a hot dog, french fries, coke and a slice of pie.


They had done the same thing to another Thai Restaurant I visited called “Sala Thai,” in San Gabriel, and they must have buried the owner with their crap, and I even had one of them sit behind me when I ate there.

In Pasadena, I remember going to to a Carl’s Junior establishment, to try to help my friend Lucero get a job- and a large officer sat right behind my table.

I had visited the Carls’ Junior in Pasadena for years and years, and had NEVER seen a policeman sit in the restaurant in my life.

The gang stalkers reported some crime was about to happen, or maybe they were just trying to make me realize I was being “watched” closely by the cops, all in order to force isolation from social values.

Lucero never showed up, as she had a job cleaning a house, and it was for naught.

When I went outside to my car, the officer pulled in front of me and said into his mike, “Oh, I don’t think he was causing any trouble.”

Why was he sitting right behind me in the first place? 

Remember, these “handlers” or “civilian police” or “neighborhood watch” or some other convincing title for these “Wal-Mart gift card recipient vigilantes” are trying to isolate you from the services, food, or people you need to survive. Once you give into these perps, the process starts and will continue until you do something rash to get you arrested- or some other (heaven forbid) self-destructive act.

Always remember to trust no one, keep your personal property, as well as your beloved pets, as secure and safe as possible.

Do not talk to law enforcement unless you are reporting a crime- and if there are other people nearby, let THEM report the crime; don’t you do it.

When you go into your medical clinic, “yes sir, yes ma’am” and do not answer any personal questions, and make the initial response person that is taking your blood pressure or weight know that you are coming in for a certain ailment- do not elaborate on the issue and say as little as possible.

If you suspect they are gossiping close to your door about your mental health, (this is ANOTHER thing to watch out for kiddies- you mention to them that you do not appreciate it, they will deny it, making you look like a nut job) or planning to talk to the administrator about how they treated you, (like El Monte Comprehensive) did to me, stand up and face them- nicely, and politely- simply excuse yourself and decline any other procedures they want to do.

Realize that your handlers have already reported you to their security services, and I know this because one of the doctors and FORMER administrator, Celia, from the El Monte Clinic, had informed me of this.

Celia even went out of her way and told the Deputy Sheriff that worked downstairs to “keep it out of the hospital” and “to take their personal revenge elsewhere.”

Another incident, when I broke my toe on one occasion in March and had blurred vision in one eye on another in May, I simply went to the hospital ER- avoiding any of the waiting and sub par treatment the clinic would provide.

When I followed up with my primary care and asked the Dr. to look at my eye (which the ER staff at Methodist said I had two infected eye lids) (AFTER I heard the gossip outside the door) he refused to look at it- and said he would refer me to an in house optometrist.

Note: the last referral he gave me to an Ear Nose and Throat took almost two years- and was at County General Hospital in Los Angeles.

However, when I  left the examination room, I  told the gossiping nurse the physician was: “the greatest doctor in the world.”

I did this to give them the impression I was not out to get the personnel or the doctor into any kind of trouble, a silly little P.R. move.

The next day, I was lucky- my insurance did cover an eye exam outside my primary care, and I was diagnosed with cataracts, as well as “eye floaters.”

I did not wait for the clinic to schedule an exam because of the patient overload due to all the people who were not indigenous to this country, and I did not want to to see them anyway. Then, I called the clinic to stop the referral after I saw the optometrist the next day.

The agent I spoke to from the clinic said she would stop all referrals.

But, when I called a week later, there was no computer entry that I had canceled it, and that “I had missed an appointment” which was total baloney.

I’m only elaborating on this so that you can see how the handlers have almost “isolated” me from getting the medical care I need.

You think I want to go back to that County Clinic again?


–your little Danny Boy